About Me


I am a senior Product Design student at Savannah College of Art and Design pursuing Industrial and Accessory design. I love the art of making, the whole process from a crazy idea to intense research that opens doors to an untapped opportunity and finally prototyping it into a final masterpiece.

Each project as a designer has been a humble learning experience. I have found my strength in accurately producing my 2D concepts into physical models and products. My journey at SCAD has made me realize my obsession to go beyond the desired functionality of the product and find more meaningful interactive experience between the user and product.

My passion for football (soccer), has always been a major influence in my design thinking process. All my recent and ongoing projects are focused on high user functionality and exploring opportunities to push the products features to be more personalized to each individual.

I am always open for collaboration opportunities, feel free to shoot me an email at husainshab2605@gmail.com